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Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions is effective as of December 03, 2023.

This Agreement outlines the terms governing the use of the JsRates App and its related services. Acceptance of these terms is assumed upon the installation or use of the JsRates App, or by continuing its use after updates to this Agreement.


YOD Solutions: The company behind the JsRates App, registered as a limited liability company in Australia.

JsRates: The application, including related websites and services, owned by YOD Solutions.

The App: Refers to the JsRates App available on the Shopify AppStore.

App User: Individuals who use the app within their Shopify store.

Partner: Any third-party service provider or collaborator associated with JsRates.

Shopify: The e-commerce platform for online stores. Available at www.shopify.com.

Shopify T&C: The terms and conditions of Shopify, accessible at Shopify T&C.

Scope of the Agreement

The JsRates App, as developed and published on the Shopify App Store, adheres to Shopify's terms and conditions. Usage of the App binds the user to Shopify's terms, which supersede this Agreement in case of any conflict. The App is considered a "Third Party Service" under Shopify's terms. This Agreement is complemented by a Privacy Notice, integral to JsRates' service agreements.

License to Use

Users of the JsRates App are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and revocable limited license for both personal and commercial use, in line with this Agreement and Shopify's terms and conditions.

Usage Guidelines

To ensure responsible and lawful use of the JsRates App, users are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Operate the app within legal bounds and with the permission of the Shopify store owner where it is installed.
  • Avoid modifying, altering, or creating derivative works of the App. Refrain from reverse engineering, decompiling, and other actions that infringe on intellectual property rights.
  • Only use necessary data for shipping rate calculations to prevent system overload.
  • Restrict API connections to third-party servers solely for purposes related to shipping rate calculation.
  • Maintain professionalism and respect in communications with JsRates representatives.
  • Limit requests to JsRates within the provided service scope, and suggest feature enhancements appropriately.
  • Do not seek unauthorized information about other App Users or stores.

By using the App, you acknowledge to adhere to these guidelines ensuring a respectful, secure, and compliant experience for all users and partners of the JsRates App.

Privacy and Rights to Use the Data

The effective operation of the JsRates App necessitates the storage and processing of certain types of data:

  • Contact Information: This includes details about the Shopify store and the store user data for individuals using the App.
  • Shipping Rate Request Data: Data sent by Shopify for shipping rate requests is processed as part of the service.
  • User Permissions: As an App User, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions from data subjects or other parties for the processing of their data through the JsRates service. You must inform your data subjects (representatives, employees) about the processing of their personal data, directing them to YOD Solutions’ Privacy Notice.
  • Data Transparency: Detailed information on the stored and processed data, along with the resources used, is described in the Privacy Notice. This ensures transparency and informed consent from all parties involved.

By using the App, you acknowledge the necessity of processing this data for the effective delivery of JsRates services, in compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

Warranty and Liability Limitation

The JsRates service is offered on an "as-is" and "as-available" basis, and users should be aware of the following limitations and conditions:

  • Service Risks: Despite being developed by professionals, the JsRates service may carry risks of software defects, infrastructure failures, security breaches, and other unforeseen issues. These risks could potentially lead to undesirable outcomes.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Users are encouraged to evaluate and mitigate their own risks associated with using the App. JsRates Support is available to assist users in identifying and managing these risks.
  • Release of Liability: Users agree to release JsRates, YOD Solutions, and its affiliates (employees, subcontractors, and partners) from any liabilities or losses incurred as a result of using JsRates services. This includes, but is not limited to, errors in shipping rates generated at checkout due to issues with shipping rate codes, software bugs, or system failures.
  • No Warranty on Service Levels: JsRates does not provide any warranties or guarantees regarding a specific service level or the results of using the App.
  • Limitation on Damages: YOD Solutions' liability in providing the App (including support services) is limited to direct damages up to the amount of one monthly subscription fee. This limitation excludes indirect or consequential damages and lost profits.
  • Claim Reporting: Any claims related to unexpected functionality or malfunctions of the App must be reported to JsRates Support immediately, and no later than one month following the occurrence of the event.
  • Shopify’s Discretion: According to Shopify T&C, Shopify reserves the right to disable access to any Third Party Service, including JsRates, at their sole discretion without notice. YOD Solutions is not liable for any actions taken by Shopify in this regard.

This section outlines the extent of warranties and liabilities associated with the use of the JsRates App, emphasizing the importance of understanding and accepting these terms.


As a user of the JsRates App, you agree to the following indemnity terms:

  • Protection Against Legal Actions: You agree to defend and hold harmless YOD Solutions, its directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, and partners from any legal claims or disputes arising from your actions while using the App.
  • Legal Responsibilities: In the event of any legal actions, investigations, charges, or fees directed against YOD Solutions or its affiliates due to a breach of this Agreement by you, you agree to indemnify and cover all related costs incurred by YOD Solutions and its affiliates.
  • Liability for Breach: This indemnification covers any responsibilities that arise as a result of your non-compliance with the Agreement, ensuring that YOD Solutions and its partners are protected against any legal repercussions of your actions.

By using the JsRates App, you acknowledge and accept these indemnity terms, recognizing your responsibilities in case of legal issues related to your use of the App.

Pricing Structure

The JsRates App offers the following subscription plans and pricing options:

  • Demo Plan: This plan is available for an unlimited time at no cost, though it comes with some feature limitations.
  • Full Plan: Priced at 35 USD per month, this plan provides access to the complete range of features offered by the App.
  • Plan Features and Capacity: For a detailed breakdown of the features and capacities of each plan, please refer to the JsRates Pricing page.
  • Support Services: JsRates Customer Support is provided free of charge regardless of the chosen plan. YOD Solutions may offer additional assistance in implementing shipping rate codes, potentially incurring additional fees based on task complexity and as agreed with the user.
  • Plan Management: You can upgrade or cancel your app plan at any time. Cancelling a paid subscription to switch to the Demo plan allows continued use of the paid plan until the end of the current billing period. Details about plan expiration can be found on the “Plans” page within the app.
  • Transition Between Plans: Switching from a paid plan to the Demo plan is possible at any time. The subscription will be cancelled, but you can continue using the paid plan features until the end of the paid period.

Refund Policy

At JsRates, we prioritize service quality and customer satisfaction, and our refund policy reflects this commitment:

  • Refund Eligibility: We offer refunds if the JsRates App does not meet your expectations or resolve your specific issue. Before requesting a refund, we encourage you to contact JsRates Support to address any concerns or issues with the App.
  • Resolution First Approach: The App is versatile and continually evolving, often allowing issues to be resolved through creative solutions or Support assistance. We recommend exploring these avenues prior to seeking a refund.
  • Limitations on Refunds: The maximum refund amount is limited to one monthly subscription fee of your current plan. Refunds are issued only once per Shopify Store Owner as defined in the Shopify Terms of Service.
  • Conditions for Refund Rejection: Refunds may be denied if the App has been used as expected under the paid plan. We offer a Demo plan with no time limit for testing the App's features before upgrading to a paid subscription.

Our refund policy is designed to ensure that your experience with JsRates is satisfactory, while also providing a fair framework for addressing any service-related concerns.

Data Processing

This section outlines the terms and conditions related to the handling of data within the JsRates App:

  • Scope of Data: Includes Personal Data and other data files used by the App. The App User, as the Data Controller, owns and controls this data.
  • Processing on Behalf of App User: YOD Solutions processes data only as instructed by the App User (Data Controller) and for the purpose of providing JsRates services. Processing includes saving and running shipping rate codes, generating shipping rates from checkout data, and handling Personal Data of the App User's customers.
  • Compliance with Data Protection Legislation: All data processing complies with GDPR or CCPA, as applicable, along with any other relevant legislation.
  • Responsibilities in Data Processing: YOD Solutions commits to processing data lawfully, maintaining confidentiality, and implementing appropriate technical measures to handle Data Subject Requests. This includes deleting customer private data upon requests received from Shopify, in compliance with Shopify’s partnership agreement.
  • Third-Party Service Providers: YOD Solutions may use third-party service providers for data processing, with general consent granted by the App User for those listed in the Privacy Notice. Any changes to these providers will be communicated in advance.
  • International Data Transfer: The App User consents to YOD Solutions transferring personal data to third countries as necessary for providing JsRates services.
  • Data Deletion and Retrieval: Upon termination of the Agreement or at the App User's request, YOD Solutions will initiate the deletion process of the App User’s data within 48 hours. Necessary data for unresolved claims will be retained until resolution.
  • Audit and Compliance: YOD Solutions supports the App User's compliance with GDPR Articles 32 to 36 and will assist in audits and compliance activities, potentially at the App User's expense.
  • Notification of Data Breaches: YOD Solutions will promptly notify the App User of any unauthorized access or processing of Personal Data.

These terms ensures that both YOD Solutions and App Users understand their respective roles and responsibilities in the processing and protection of data within the JsRates App environment.

Termination of Agreement

The terms regarding the termination of the agreement with the JsRates App are as follows:

  • User-Initiated Termination: As an App User, you have the right to terminate the agreement at any time by uninstalling the App from your Shopify store.
  • YOD Solutions-Initiated Termination: YOD Solutions may terminate the agreement and uninstall the App from your store under certain conditions, which include:
    • Immediate termination if you fail to comply with the Agreement or if your actions are deemed non-compliant by YOD Solutions.
    • Immediate termination due to potential harm to YOD Solutions' reputation, as determined at its sole discretion.
    • Termination with a 30-day prior written notice, communicated via email to the Shopify store owner.
  • Financial Obligations Upon Termination: Following termination, no further charges will be incurred, but you are still responsible for any charges already accrued (e.g., for the ongoing billing period). Already paid fees are non-refundable.
  • Force Majeure: Neither party shall be liable for failure or delay in performing services under this agreement due to circumstances beyond reasonable control, including natural disasters, strikes, acts of war, or technical failures.
  • Notification in Force Majeure Events: The party affected by force majeure must inform the other party in writing about the situation as soon as possible.

These terms outline the conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement and the implications of such termination for the JsRates App users.


JsRates is a product of YOD Solutions, a limited liability company registered in Australia. This establishes the jurisdiction under which any legal issues or disputes concerning JsRates will be governed. The Australian Business Number (ABN) of YOD Solutions is 672 231 515. For any queries or support-related matters, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Changes to the Agreement

YOD Solutions reserves the right to periodically update and amend this Agreement, including any changes to the pricing structure. Users will be informed of any intended changes through notifications within the App or via email.

  • User's Right to Object: If you disagree with the proposed changes, you have the option to voice your concerns via email at [email protected] or to terminate the Agreement by uninstalling the App from your Shopify store before the effective date of the changes.
  • Acceptance of Changes: Continued use of the App after the effective date of these changes will be regarded as your acceptance of the amended terms.
  • Exceptions to Advance Notice: YOD Solutions may modify the Agreement without prior notice under specific circumstances, such as to comply with legal or regulatory obligations, or to address urgent security concerns related to the protection of JsRates and its users from cybersecurity threats.

This policy outlines the process for changes to the Agreement, ensuring transparency and providing users with options should they disagree with the amendments.