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Elevate Your Shipping Strategy with JavaScript

Craft your custom Shopify shipping rates with Javascript

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Simplified Shipping Workflow
Code, Test, Deploy

Write your code

Begin by writing your own JavaScript shipping rules, utilizing our AI-assisted code generators or our user-friendly interface to craft custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs

    import { enrichItemDetails } from "./modules.js";
    import { AliExpress } from "./modules.js";

    export async function calculateShippingRates(DATA, env) {
        try {
        // Enrich item details with additional fields
        DATA = await enrichItemDetails(DATA);

        // Extract AliExpress product ids from item skus
        const aliexpressProducts = DATA.items.map((item) => {
            const [aliexpressProductId] = item.sku.split("-");
            return { aliexpress_product_id: aliexpressProductId, quantity: item.quantity };

        // Initialize AliExpress instance with destination and currency
        const aliexpress = new AliExpress(DATA.destination, DATA.currency);

        // Get shipping rates from AliExpress
        const rates = await aliexpress.getRates(aliexpressProducts);

        // Return shipping rates in Shopify format
        return { rates };
        } catch (error) {
        // Return error rate
        return {
            rates: [
                service_name: "Error",
                service_code: "error",
                total_price: null,
                description: error.message,
                currency: DATA.currency,
                min_delivery_date: "",
                max_delivery_date: "",

Test your code

Efficiently test and validate your shipping scripts within our robust environment, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every scenario and customer interaction.

Deploy at checkout

Easily integrate your refined shipping rules into your Shopify checkout page, enhancing the customer experience with dynamic, real-time shipping rate calculations

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Seamlessly Connect
with Leading Markets & Couriers

Integrate real-time shipping rates from global platforms with ease

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Begin your journey with our no-cost demo to experience the basics, or elevate your shipping strategy with our comprehensive full subscription plan, packed with advanced features and dedicated support for your growing business needs


  • Unlimited time
  • Up to 1,000 request
  • Up to 500,000 AI characters
  • Checkout test mode activation
  • AI-assisted coding
  • Custom OpenAI GPT
  • VS Code integration
  • Dedicated API endpoint
  • Debugging tools
  • Script validation
  • Test input data
  • Third-party API connectivity
  • Modular functionality
  • Data and code importation
  • Performance tracking
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Courier API links

  • Unlimited time
  • Unlimited request
  • Monthly 5,000,000 AI characters
  • Full checkout activation
  • AI-assisted coding
  • Custom OpenAI GPT
  • VS Code integration
  • Dedicated API endpoint
  • Debugging tools
  • Script validation
  • Test input data
  • Third-party API connectivity
  • Modular functionality
  • Data and code importation
  • Performance tracking
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Courier API links

Your Questions Answered

Discover How JsRates Simplifies Your Shipping Needs

What is JsRates?
JsRates is an innovative Shopify app that uses JavaScript to offer merchants flexibility and control in setting custom shipping rates tailored to their unique business needs.
How can JsRates transform my shipping strategy?
With JsRates, you can create a range of shipping solutions, from simple flat rates to complex dynamic pricing structures. It allows integration of live rate calculations, promotional shipping rules, and detailed analytics for strategic adjustments.
Who should use JsRates?
JsRates is ideal for Shopify merchants who desire a more tailored approach to their shipping rate setup, especially those proficient in JavaScript. It suits developers, advanced eCommerce merchants, and businesses looking to optimize their shipping strategies with precision and advanced logic.
What if I am not familiar with JavaScript? Can JsRates still help me set up my shipping rules?
Even if you're not well-versed in JavaScript, JsRates is here to assist. Our team can help you craft and implement custom shipping rules tailored to your business requirements. We provide support and guidance throughout the process to ensure your shipping strategy aligns perfectly with your business goals.
What are the key features of JsRates?
Key features include AI-assisted coding, third-party API connectivity, modular functionality, data and code importation, VS Code integrations, performance tracking, real-time shipping rates, courier API links, a dedicated API endpoint, and robust debugging tools.
Is there a trial version available?
Yes, JsRates offers a demo plan that allows unlimited exploration of the app's features. This plan includes up to 1,000 requests in test mode, 500,000 AI characters for coding, and the option to enable JsRates in test mode at checkout.
Is JsRates partner friendly?
Yes, JsRates is free for development stores, Shopify partners and affiliates.
What are the pricing plans for JsRates?
JsRates offers a free demo version and a full subscription plan at $35/month, which includes unlimited requests, AI-assisted coding, comprehensive checkout activation, and more.
How does JsRates ensure the accuracy of shipping rates?
JsRates allows for efficient testing and validation of shipping scripts within its robust environment, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every customer interaction.
Can I integrate JsRates with other courier services?
Yes, JsRates is highly adaptable and allows seamless integration with any courier service via API requests. This functionality enables direct rate retrieval and service options from a wide range of courier services, providing extensive flexibility for your shipping strategies.
How can JsRates help in optimizing my shipping strategy?
JsRates provides tools for live shipping rate calculations, detailed analytics, and performance tracking, enabling strategic adjustments and optimization of your shipping strategy.

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